5 Things You Can Do to Save Our Seas

1. Clean up your local beach! 

Cleaning up your local beach is a not only a great way to get rid of trash, but it also gives you a great feeling of accomplishment after you are finished with a large section of land. The first time that I went out in did this it was actually fun! It also really made me understand the severity of our world's situation. Go out there and make a difference for your community, yourself, and the world, all while having fun!


2. Become an influencer! 

This is one of the most underrated ways of making change within your community, and ironically, it is arguably the most effective. Becoming an influencer will cause other people to make change within their communities, which means more trash than you could have ever picked up yourself will be picked up. You can become an influencer on any of the biggest social media platforms today, however, I recommend starting with Instagram, as that is the easiest one to get big on. 


3. Educate Yourself!

Learning about current events in the ocean conservation community is huge! Small bits of information can alter the course of your entire life! For example, you could learn about some conservation event going on in your community, meet the most like-minded people you have ever met before and do some really big things in this world. Small things like that can cause a chain reaction of events that are much greater. Who knows what will happen. The point is, get to know what is going on in the world and get out there are do something, you never know what is going to happen. 


4. Donate to Ocean Conservation Organizations!

If you find yourself with a little extra cash and a generous heart, consider donating to non-profits! There are hundreds if not thousands of these groups out there, wanting to make a change. Some companies give incentives too, such as being able to name your own animal or they will pick up a certain amount of trash depending on how much you donate. This one is pretty straight forward, but it is definitely an impactful and honorable effort. 


5. Don't do business with companies that harm the ocean.

This one is probably the hardest to resist because the ocean conscious organizations are often the most expensive ones. This is not true for all cases, but often, making an effort to save the ocean costs extra money, and as a result of this, companies have to charge their customers more. If the people can get at least one company that harms the ocean to go out of business, a tremendous favor has been done for the world.